Become an Effective Political Activist in 2022!

  • Do you know how to work with a team to stop bad legislation?
  • Do you understand the most effective action to take at each step in the lawmaking process?
  • Do you know how to promote good legislation?
  • Would you like to have a more positive relationship with your legislators?
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Influencing Olympia Effectively (2022)

This online class will help you develop the skills you need to make a real difference advocating for (or against) a piece of legislation.

Are you tired of having bad laws take effect when you had no idea that they had been under consideration, much less passed? Do you wonder, "What happened?"

Do you know for sure if writing your legislators makes any difference?

Do you wonder, "What's the best way to stop bad legislation before it ever comes up for a vote?"

Do you know how to develop greater influence on lawmaking in Olympia?

State Committeewomen and PCOs

Meet Ruth and Nancy...

Mentors and guides on your journey

Ruth Peterson and Nancy Churchill share a passion for taking the right action at the right time in order to have the biggest impact.

In this course, they share their inside knowledge of the legislative process so you can shorten the learning curve and become an effective political activist in time for the 2022 Legislative Session in Olympia!

Both Ruth and Nancy are active in the Republican party. They serve in their local county Republican committees and also represent their counties on the State Committee of the Washington State Republican Party.

Ruth Peterson is the Lewis County State Committeewoman and the Boistfort Precinct Committee Officer. She also works at the legislature, which gives her expertise in the process of creating and passing great legislation, or more importantly, blocking bad legislation.

Nancy Churchill is the Trout Creek Precinct Committee Officer in Ferry County and serves as the Ferry County Republican Party State Committeewoman. She also writes a weekly conservative opinion column, Dangerous Rhetoric, which is published online and in several papers around Washington State.

Ruth’s Story - From Homeschool Mom

to Political Activist

Over thirty years ago, my husband and I decided to homeschool our children. In those days, homeschooling was not widespread, and there was always a danger of law-makers interfering with a parent’s right to educate their own children. When there were bills introduced that would restrict homeschool rights, I would join other parents in Olympia to protest those efforts. I found like-minded people in the local Republican party and attended their meetings over the years, slowly becoming more involved.

When our last child graduated from homeschooling to college in 2010, my friend and mentor, Olga Miller asked me to work with her at the legislature as an assistant for a session. It was a fascinating job, so when an opportunity came along later that year to take a full-time job, I eagerly accepted.

The most important lesson I have learned throughout the past 12 years is that people who are not involved in the Legislature know so very little about what really goes on. Most of us would find out about laws after they had passed - after the time has passed when we can do anything about them. Most of us don’t know the process and how to best influence the legislative process.

I also discovered that as a whole, Republicans are not as involved in trying to influence our laws as those on the left. We want a smaller and less invasive government, so we would rather ignore it altogether.

Several years ago, I heard a group of people ask a legislator why he doesn’t let them know when they need to take action. Taking time to compose that kind of communication is rarely possible for a legislator - they literally have every second packed from the beginning of session until the end.

However, I found that I could help with that effort just a little, so I started writing emails to let people know about bills that were being heard. Then I let them know how to contact their legislators. Each newsletter seemed to bring more questions. How do I testify? How do I write a letter? When do I write a letter? How do I find out about bills? How do I navigate the legislative website?

After five years of writing newsletters, it seemed that I had almost created what could be used as a class on how to influence Olympia.

My friend, Nancy Churchill, suggested we work together to make that class come to fruition. We have the lessons that will answer the questions above, giving you the knowledge you need to influence your legislators.

But more importantly, we hope to have a running list of bills, both good and bad, during the legislative session, creating a place to get current information on bills that are being considered and actions you can take to Influence Olympia Effectively.

Nancy's Story - Learning to make a difference

I started following the lawmaking process in 2020 when SB 5394 on Comprehensive Sex Ed was introduced, a bill that would require sexual education to be taught as early as first grade. I had been researching the transgender craze and had slowly become aware that Comprehensive Sex Ed was how our children were being exposed to toxic and self-hating ideas about gender and sexuality.

I followed this ONE bill through the 2020 session, commenting, calling, letter writing, and watching the floor debates. I was crushed when the efforts of activists like myself seemed to have very little impact.

SB 5394 and several other anti-family bills were easily passed during the 2020 session. I was tempted to just walk away. What's the use of fighting when our team seemed so outnumbered by the radical progressives?

However, I realized that not that long ago, it was the transgender movement that was fighting an uphill battle. What happened? How and why had they been so successful?

The transgender advocates nationwide had success because of two reasons: they learned the lawmaking system, and they NEVER gave up. One little loss barely even slowed them down. They would be back at it again, and again, and again.

The other team made long range plans, implemented strategic small steps, and made progress incrementally... a bit like a football team grinding the ball down the field one rushing play at a time. They were playing a game of inches, over the span of years.

During the 2021 session, it was more of the same. Even more toxic anti-family bills were brought to the floor and passed. I was following more bills, but it still felt like beating my head against the wall. It was very discouraging. I was still wondering: "What's the best way to stop bad legislation before it ever comes up for a vote?"

In preparation for this 2022 Legislative Session, I've asked several legislators and many friends with more legislative lobbying experience for help. How can we stop bad legislation? How can we support good legislation? When is the most effective way to take action at each step in the lawmaking process? How can ordinary citizens have a greater influence on lawmaking in Olympia?

The answers and recommendations that I received are the inspiration for this course: Influencing Olympia Effectively.

Imagine this...

  • You're rarely caught by surprise by the passage of a "bad" bill.

  • You're on time to rally fellow influencers to take the right action at the right time.

  • You're influential in stopping a piece of legislation in its tracks, before it makes it to the floor.

  • You're successful in supporting the passage of an important piece of legislation.

  • You know when, where, and how to testify for (or against) a bill.

  • Your legislators know who you are, and will answer your calls because you have carefully built a positive relationship with them.

In Influencing Olympia Effectively...

We'll look at how to keep track of a bill from the start of the session to the end.

We'll begin to understand the lawmaking process, from pre-session to "Sine Die".

We'll examine the several easy ways to comment on a bill, and what action to take for the greatest impact at each step in the legislative journey.

We'll look at the best research tools to use to stay on top of the fast moving action.

We'll discover the power of testimony - both written and in person.

We'll increase our impact by building or joining teams of influencers... by topic, by county, by legislative district.

When possible, we'll begin to build strong relationships with our legislators (or with those who support our goals) - a bridge of communication and positivity.

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This online class will help you develop the skills you need to make a real difference advocating for (or against) a piece of legislation as it works its way through the lawmaking process.

Nothing to lose but the

FRUSTRATION of losing!

  • Influencing Olympia Effectively has been provided without charge. You're investing your time - and we are grateful that you are getting involved in the process of lawmaking.

  • This online course is self-paced, with no deadlines or tests.

  • You will build skills as you go through the session - whether you track one bill, or several.

  • We're available to answer questions and help you grow.

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